* Welcome To CS 441/541

Welcome To CS 441/541

  • 10-week course on Artificial Intelligence

  • Tendency toward "classical" / "foundational" AI

  • Some machine learning

COVID (etc) Times

  • Many of you are having troubles; I feel for you

  • Remote learning is new and different

  • We will try to make it work as well as possible


  • CS PhD from U. Oregon Computational Intelligence Research Lab 1999

  • Big interests are state-space search in games (single and multiplayer), scheduling, planning, etc

This Course

A Course For 4th+Year Computer Scientists

  • You are expected to be able to write decent code coming in

  • You are expected to be comfortable with algorithms, discrete math, logic and calculus

  • If you are fairly uncomfortable with these, go fix that first

What We Won't Be Doing

  • Philosophy of AI. We will really concentrate on practice over theory

  • AI woo. We will concentrate on proven theories you can use to consistently produce practical results

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