Micro-Project: Report

AI Paper Report

[Thanks to Yeganeh Jalalipour for authoring much of this.]

Choose a paper of interest in AI and talk about it.

What To Do

  • Summarize the paper.
    • You should summarize the paper in your own words.
    • You can use this to help yourself to add more information to the summary:
      • Is the title well-suited to convey the research work?
      • Is the abstract and conclusion are suited for the body of the paper?
      • Does the abstract give you enough information to realize if it was a paper that you find interesting? Do the abstract and introduction give enough information?
      • What were the assumptions authors used in their work?
      • What dataset did the authors use? Does this dataset work to support their conclusions? Is it enough data and of good quality?
  • Explain the problem that the authors were trying to solve.
  • Extract the authors' key points and contributions to the AI community. Look at the impact of the paper on AI research and in the real world.
  • What software did the authors implement? What would it take to replicate this work?
  • What things are missing from this paper?
  • [Optional] Implement or replicate work from the paper.

Overall Paper Organization

Your report should consist of the following elements, in order.

  • Report title

  • Your name(s)

  • "A report on paper title by paper authors"

  • "Abstract": a short paragraph summarizing your report

  • "Introduction" section

  • "Paper Summary" section

  • "Research Analysis" section

  • "Reflections" section, describing what you got out of the paper

  • "Bibliography" — must at least include a full citation of the paper you are reviewing

For each text section, write a few paragraphs. Maximum length of this report is five pages typeset reasonably — three pages would be a better target. There is no minimum length, but you must adequately discuss the topics.

How To Submit

Your should submit a ZIP archive containing two files:

  • A PDF version of your report — only PDF will be accepted, no Word documents, Google docs links, etc — with the filename report.pdf.

  • If possible and legal, also submit the PDF of the article you are reporting on. Name it ai-paper.pdf.

  • Be sure to include full citation information in your report, including a URL where possible, so that we can find the paper you are reporting on and understand where it came from.

Where To Find Papers

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