Textbook Preconditions For Agile

  • "Software products are usually standalone systems rather than systems composed of independent subsystems"

  • "Developed by co-located teams who can communicate informally"

  • "Consequently, there is no need for formal documents, meetings, and cross-team communication."

Processes and Practices

  • Process is a collection of practices

  • Practices are chosen to mesh well and produce the desired result

Agile Principles

  • Involve the customer

  • Embrace change

  • Develop and deliver incrementally

  • Maintain simplicity

  • Focus on people, not dev process

Extreme Programming (XP) Practices

  • Frequent small releases

  • Continuous integration

  • Test-first development

  • Simple design

  • Refactoring

  • On-site customer

  • Sustainable pace

  • Pair programming

  • Collective ownership

  • Incremental planning

Another Look

  • Some are "apple-pie" platitudes: "simple design", "sustainable pace"

  • Some are ideals: "collective ownership"

  • Some are pretty novel even now: "pair programming"

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