Welcome To CS 300

  • 10-week course on the basics of software engineering / development

  • Follow-on to first and second year CS

  • Preparation for Capstone and industry

COVID (etc) Times

  • Many of you are having troubles; I feel for you

  • Remote learning is new and different

  • We will try to make it work as well as possible


  • Professional software developer since the late 1970s

  • Various professional experience: two years full-time at Tektronix, contract jobs, etc

  • Taught in the Oregon Master of Software Engineering program

  • Published papers on open source software engineering

This Course

  • Let's review the syllabus

  • The textbook is good, but…

  • Learn-by-doing: project focus, active assignments

A Course For Programmers

  • You are expected to be able to write decent code coming in

  • Bluntly, many of you can't

  • We will try to work on this in parallel with SE topics

  • If you are fairly uncomfortable with programming, go fix that first

Prescription and Description

  • Prescription: What people should do when developing software

  • Description: What people actually do when developing software

  • This course will strike some balance

  • I will try to call out my opinions

This Can Be Fun

  • Seeing the broader picture of building things is fun

  • Building things from nothing to completion is fun

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