• Please ignore the book on this topic :-)

  • Prototyping is super-powerful

  • Purpose of prototyping: gather information / learning

    • Is some technical thing feasible / good?
    • Does something meet user needs?
    • How does one do something?
    • Is this architecture OK?
    • etc
  • Build the smallest prototype that answers the question

Two Kinds Of Prototypes

  • Reusable: altered pieces of the prototype will be used in the product

  • Discardable: once learning is complete, the prototype will be thrown away

  • Default should be discardable:

    • Usually much easier to build

    • Will typically produce a better thing the second time

Product Prototypes

  • Useful during the planning process

    • Narrow down architecture

    • Get customer feedback

  • Perilous

    • Probably will be much reuse

    • Every shortcut and mistake gets amplified

  • Keep these especially narrow

    • Common UI tool is "pencil-and-paper" prototypes
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