Developing With Git

Git Workflow Model

  • "Star" model: Github has central "upstream" repo plus one "downstream" repo per dev; also each dev has "local" repo

  • Best to make a Github "Organization" for the project, the project repo(s) owned by the organization, all devs owners / managers of the organization and project

  • master branch of repo always represents something usable by outside folks; some kind of dev branch structure for temporarily breaking changes etc

Git Work

  • Work is done on "local branch", then pushed up to dev's downstream repo, then "pull request"ed for central repo.

  • Someone on the team not the original dev reviews and accepts the PR (or not)

  • When the dev branch is in good shape, merge to the master branch

Github Resources

  • Issue Tracker; PR manager

  • "Project" (Kanban) Board

  • "Pages" web hosting; wiki

Fancy Git Stuff

  • Why fetch + merge is the new pull

  • Revising history; commit --amend and rebase and push -f

  • The reflog and recovery (but still make a copy of the repo)

  • When to ask for help

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