I am not an attorney. None of this constitutes competent legal advice. None of it.

Free Software Foundation General Public License (GPL)

  • Viral license

  • Version 2: Used for the Linux kernel and other older software

  • Version 3: More commonly used with newer software

"Permissive" Open Source License

  • Do what you will (within reason)

  • MIT License

  • BSD License: "3-clause", "2-clause"

  • Apache (v2)

Other Licenses Of Note

  • LGPL

  • AGPL (v2)

  • Perl Artistic License

"Public Domain"

  • Attempts to abandon all copyright in the work

    • Perhaps not even legally viable

    • Many "licenses" of questionable utility try to simulate

  • Creative Commons provides super-permissive licenses crafted by actual attorneys: these are preferred

  • In particular, "CC-0" is as close to Public Domain as makes no difference, but enforceable

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